perjantai 21. joulukuuta 2012

New haircut

I got it ^-^ New haircut! And this is how it looks:

At the morning when I was going to hair dresser, I look like this:

So you can see the difference (:

I used blue contact lenses again, because I wanted to. Just for fun.

That's days outfit was black long sleeve shirt (free, firiend's old), leopard skirt (5€ H&M), shiny black leggins (10€ Seppälä), vest (29,90€ Seppälä) and indian boots. (30€ SpiritStore)

Yay, christmas  is coming!

Boots. I don't really like to walk with those, I don't know why. I think shoe's balance is not good. Or it feels like it.

In the evening we had our own (with friends) christmas party and I decide to put some red in my hair. So I put my wedding hair back (or couple piece of it) and vóila, christmas hair was done!

I also won some chocolite in our christmas party  ^-^ I had best hand in card searching (: (we tried to find  playcards and got the best hand of those)
I use this hair today (21.12.2012 apocalypse) in work too. I also put on my pink christmas hat and make up a little bit different than usually. Oh, and I use my contact lenses again! This is first time when I use those at work!

My workmates told me, that I look cute, very christmas, colorful, happy etc. Anything potisive what yoy can imagin. One even said, that  Ialways keep her smiling because I am so different.

So merry christmas! :3 

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